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Silverby-E is an Online Store that was established in 2020. We are passionate about silver jewelry and would love to share our passion with you. Purchase elegant Sterling Silver Jewelry for everyday use. We stock a wide range of meticulously crafted silver pieces, including items that are paired with freshwater pearls. Our jewelry is sourced locally and imported providing you with several options to meet your taste.


Our Vision

We are constantly searching for new and exciting silver jewelry to add to our collection. Our passion is meeting our customer's needs and providing them with beautiful items that will last for generations.


Explore our creatively crafted Design collection, a blend of modern trends and timeless elegance. Each piece is a unique expression of artistry, reflecting your individual style with sophistication.


Discover the future of silver jewelry in our Innovation collection. These avant-garde pieces redefine style with cutting-edge techniques and design concepts. Embrace the evolution of elegance with our innovative creations.


Embark on a meaningful Journey with our curated collection. Each piece captures significant moments, turning them into cherished keepsakes. Explore jewelry that resonates with your experiences, creating lasting memories for generations.